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Thailand must be the first country having

decreasing number of NCDs patients.

     Dr. Boonchai Issarapisit, Chairman of Wellness Care Foundation for Cancer and Chronic Renal Failure, CEO and President of Wellness World (Thailand) Co., Ltd., former founder of Rajthanee Hospital, graduated with Doctor of Medicine from Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital. Dr.Boonchaionce suffered from 6 chronic diseases; obesity, diabetes, hypertension,

cholesterol, fatty liver, and polycythemia, but all were completely cured within only 4 months. Following comprehensive research and study, Dr.Boonchai applied natural approach and lifestyle modification to successfully overcome the mentioned diseases. This success leads to founding of Wellness City Bang Sai, Thailand’s first and only

wellness community having all facilities serving quality living and wellness lifestyle.

     Dr. Boonchai and Wellness World (Thailand) Co., Ltd. committed to continuous development allowing Thais and the world to really experience a place where your dream life exists. Our foremost mission is to create community where people can live their happy and healthy lives throughout Thailand.


Conquer NCDs with natural approach


                                            Wellness World’s integrative medicine by Dr. Boonchai Issarapisit treats NCDs patient with diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, allergy, lupus, kidney  disease and cancer with natural approach.  The approach involves greatly in  understanding how common food can be a healing aid that cures those behavioral based  diseases.  Patients  are   able   to  apply  lifestyle  modification  method  with  support  of  natural supplementsand nutrition knowledge to practice a self care leading to quality living of wellness life.

From Wellness City to Wellness World


     A changing society from extended family to modern one results in leaving senior family members unattended. This is not because younger generations not giving enough attention but they have their own family to care. Some senior couples are living alone with no children. As such, a place where seniors are taken care with total wellness and smart living facility is critically needed. With a concept “where your dream life exists”, Wellness World develops its concept from Wellness City Bangsai, Ayutthaya and reach out to major cities throughout Thailand. All Wellness World locations offer services that every generation in the family is able to harmoniously enjoy any lifestyle.

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